domingo, 17 de julio de 2016

critic art by Mariana Turchio

Critical to Quraish

 ARTISSIMA Art Gallery presents the Iraqui artist Exibitiom Mr Quraish

In this series of works show open contrasts of our time: A World sólid0 and stable confronts a changing world, which tends to dematerialize.
The images foregrounds the sensory qualities of materials and show that attachment to the real often subordinated to the interest in geometric abstraction.
  Travel brings its hundreds of images, then select those places where distinctive elements that are missing from becoming recognizable. This absence immediately referred to other qualities of the image, framing discover strange architectures, while light highlights the role of the textures, the sensuality of the surfaces. The urban landscape becomes conducive to contemplation territory, but the sense of the image is not in what it represents or evokes but herself, her reason for being is linked to the own visual issues and the passage of time.
 Flow curves in the vacuum of some buildings, empty accentuated by the evanescent white and dark gray fan.
The drawing of the lines of the structure, acts as guide for the look, crawling towards an illusory vertex. The vanishing point is out of the composition, but the eye tends however to look. Perfection monofocal design perspective, exerts an attraction enhanced by the strength of the rough material. The overhead approach collage and overlapping elements generate monumental dimension.
 Forms are broken between deceptive reflections and glares. Suspended in a timeless space, as in a dream, the images show the memory of what they have been and what will be left guessing, while the present flees and eludes us. The sense of movement of the hypnotic landscape, leading up to the limits the visibility of the object, which tends to disappear.
 The analytical view of static structures, the loss of forms contrasts, things lose their eternal aspect in a universe that has been broken into a thousand pieces. "Nothing is certain except change itself," he says, and quotes Marx when he says, "all that is solid melts into air".
Made of paradoxes and confrontations, paintings Quraish foregrounds the stresses of today's world.
Art critic
Mariana Elizabet Turchio Bonachi

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